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NJ School Choice Introduction:

The New Jersey Interdistrict School Choice program provides the opportunity for non-resident students to attend Folsom School at no cost to their parents/guardians. This program also includes transportation options for School Choice students. The School Choice program covers grades kindergarten through eight. 

Please follow the link for the Application Procedures / Timelines / Form and read through Steps to Follow in Filing an Application for the School Choice Program before submitting any documentation.  All needed forms are available for download on this website.

For more information on the STUDENT APPLICATION PROCESS please click on the following link for the 
Department of Education School Choice Web Page.

Link to State of NJ Interdistrict Public School Choice Porgram:

The new applications is now available for the 2014-15.

If you are inquiring about School Choice Program for
any district other than Folsom,
please call
NJ Department of Education at: 609-633-1997