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    Folsom District Goals

    Goal 1:  

    Continued growth in student academic achievement and social emotional well-being

    Continue to monitor student academic progress through the assessment criteria and performance standards

    Continue to foster a learning environment where all students are engaged and have an opportunity to achieve academic excellence

    Implement Positive Behavior Supports & Interventions in School (PBSIS) to promote a positive and caring school environment

    Create and implement protocols to reduce chronic absenteeism and increase rates of attendance

    Create and implement health and wellness opportunities for all students and staff through curriculum and school-wide activities

    Implement a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework that includes school-wide practices, classroom instruction, and family and community outreach to reduce incidents leading to student removal and student crisis situations

    Goal 2: 

    Ensure a school environment that is welcoming and inviting, accessible, safe and secure

    Goal 3: 

    Maximize communication by providing meaningful feedback and input opportunities in order to strengthen family, school and community partnerships

    Goal 4: 

    Successfully complete the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) review process

    Board Approved