• Folsom Educational Foundation, Inc
    About the Foundation      

    The Folsom Educational Foundation, Inc. is an independent, community-based organization established to acquire and distribute funds and other resources for the purposes of:

    • Supplementing and enhancing the quality of education for students in the Folsom School District.
    • Offering life-long learning opportunities to all members of the community.
    • Providing for innovative enrichment and cultural programs.


    The Foundation is based on a partnership between Folsom and a variety of constituent groups within the community including civic groups, business, citizens and parents. By directing available resources toward areas of identified needs, the Foundation will serve as an avenue through which the funding can be distributed to support programs contributing to academic excellence.

    The goals of the Foundation are:

    • To raise funds to enhance the quality of educational programs.
    • To encourage creativity among employees by supporting unique projects.
    • To encourage members of the community who have expertise in any area to share their knowledge with the teachers and students.
    • To provide stipends and grants for teachers to develop and integrate special projects and programs into their curriculum.
    • To promote development of the entire students body through enrichment activities.
    • To provide staff with support and assistance to enhance their skills and expertise.
    • To support community programs and events.


    Membership in the Foundation is open to residents of the Borough of Folsom or others who have their principal place of work or employment located in the Borough of Folsom.  Scheduled Meeting Dates are listed on the school's calendar. Check for Foundation related events and times in the Events section of the Folsom School web.

    If you are interested in joining the Foundation or would like more information, please call Folsom School at 856-561-8666 x 306 or send an E-mail to KFrancesco@folsomschool.org


    Folsom Educational Foundation, Inc.
    1357 Mays Landing Road Folsom, NJ 08037

    Kevin Fricke
    Executive Director


    President: Kimberly Francesco

    Vice- President: Michelle Barone 

    Treasurer: Jasmine Williams

    Secretary: Kristen Deitz